This is our touring binding, step-in toe box with full rotation for touring. (Formerly called SPIKE Blade.)

Has a single barrel heel attachment with different spring and pivot point options.
Check out the info/tech page for more detailed info on the SPIKE series...or this quick link to compare SPIKE Tour with SPIKE XT.

...or overview of binding choices for summary of a SPIKE bindings.

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SPIKE Tour (click here for quick summary)

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SPIKE 'tour' is intended for backcountry touring.   It is constructed with weigh saving features and has full, free pivot rotation for steep climbs.

The touring parts (touring clip and climbling heel wire) are included in this assembly. 

To save weight and for ease of use, we do not include the ski brake with this assembly.

1366 grams or 2 lbs 15oz based on standard setup with single barrel heel, red retention spring.

SPIKE Tour can also be ordered with burlier XT toe box or NT toe box.


How do I engage touring mode?

Why are there holes on the top of the toe box?

What if I want a touring binding with a ski brake?

Can I swap out 75mm toe box for NTN?

Where should I attach a leash to the binding?

What spring weight should I choose?

*Avalanche safety?

P1190683 P1190683
P1190684 Self contained unit easy to mount directly to the ski