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New SPIKEbulldog Binding

Burnt Mountain Designs is introducing a new telemark ski binding that incorporates a redesigned base plate that changes the ski brake function to be safer on ski area.  The redesign now compliments the permanently attached heel piece to our patented step-in toe piece.

The new SPIKE binding continues to features totally hands free step-in function.  The toe box opens widely for easy boot entry when stepping into the binding.  A quick downward snap of the foot locks the boot at the toe and heel simultaneously.

The toe box remains generously long and wide to maximize contact with the sole of the boot which optimizes sensitivity and control of the ski.  The heel creates an active binding intended for lift service skiing.

The binding includes an integrated ski brake that retracts when stepping into the binding and deploys when out of the binding. 

The weight of the SPIKEbulldog binding is is relatively light at 2.8 lbs (1300grams) per pair**.  It has full range of adjustment for all boot sizes and replaceable cartridge springs for more or less active binding.

In addition to step-in heel piece the SPIKEbulldog has an improved touring lock that converts the binding to free pivot touring mode.

The SPIKEbulldog mounting hole pattern is 6 hole, which is a standard 4 hole but 2more holes have placed to the rear of the binding. The heel has built in riser and does not require drilling holes for heel lifter. (unless using optional touring kit that has additional heel lift)

The SPIKEbulldog is designed specifically for convenience of stepping into your skis and ultimate carving power in a lift service setting.  And provides a touring option for off the beaten path...

The SPIKE is a nice addition to the RTxbulldog and Telebulldog bindings.

click here for more details about the SPIKEbulldog binding

SPIKEbulldog - view from the side
View from above
toe box open

The binding can be seen at Firstrax ski and bike shop, Montgomery Center, Vermont.

*Patented Design.

**Weight varies depending on the assembly. See detailed binding descriptions for weights of various builds.