TeleBulldog toe piece…

 …core of the Telebulldog binding system.  This stand alone toe piece utilizes 75 mm Nordic norm pins to hold to boot in place.  The hinging toe box closes against a fixed position base creates a clamp that latches onto the duckbill of the boot.


The patented toe piece design features totally hands free step-in function.  The toe box opens widely for easy boot entry when stepping into the binding and provides a snug fit when locked down minimizing ‘boot slop’ and enhancing ski performance.

The toe box is generously long and wide to optimize sensitivity and control of the ski.  The bed of the toe box has butterfly cutout to eliminate snow packing.

The toe piece includes an integrated ski brake that retracts when stepping into the binding and deploys when out of the binding.  The ski brake serves two purposes:  preventing runaway ski when stepping out of the binding, and holding the ski in place when stepping into the binding.

The TeleBulldog ’06 toe piece is made stainless steel spring metal and built to last.  The seamless uni-body construction is tough and durable.  All high stress areas were carefully contoured to maintain strength.  Lower stress areas were trimmed to reduce weight.  Titanium is used for the center latch mechanism to reduce weight and maximize strength.

TeleBulldog mounting pattern is the standard four hole pattern used by K2, G3, and BD.  The mounting jigs are interchangeable. The binding is packaged with a mounting template and instructions.  Also, the ski brake housing can be used as a template for mounting the binding.  The pin line is marked with a diamond shaped hole through the mid aspect of the ski brake housing.  The diamond shape hole is aligned with the cord center of the ski for mounting.



There is a 5th hole placed between the two rear mounting holes on the base.  This hole is to be used with the quick release plate but can also be used as an extra rear mounting screw for a stronger rear binding mount.



There are a series of holes in the rear of the toe piece designed to accommodate a heel attachment.

The integrated ski brake is a separate unit that mounts underneath the toe piece. 

This allows for the development of a safety release plate

and free hinging climbing mode.

Bulldog toe piece with heel attachment that is currently being tested…