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Burnt Mtn Designs Instructions page

Getting started: Mounting & Touring Instructions

SPIKE mounting template **please note: after printing the template, check it against your binding to be sure it is correct size**

2013- using the mounting template for SPIKE bindings (Video)

SPIKE quick mounting reference (JPG)

**attention**: when you mount your SPIKE bindings with a ski brake, make sure the ski brake actuator is up**

2013- SPIKE mounting instructions (MHT)

2013- SPIKE mounting instructions (PDF)

Binding specific mounting (video instructions)

2013- SPIKE XT mounting instructions with ski brake (Video)

2013- SPIKE Blade mounting instructions with and without ski brake (Video)

2013- Lite SPIKE mounting instructions (Video)


Using SPIKE tour mechanism (PDF)

2013- SPIKE touring binding discussion about use of SPIKE touring binding - with vs without ski brake (Video)

Installing SPIKE tour mechanism (PDF)

Removable touring parts for SPIKE binding (PDF)

Installing climbing heel wire (PDF)

2013 - SPIKE XT removable touring parts (Video)


Tweaking and adjusting SPIKE bindings

SPIKE PARTS INDEX (name of the parts for better communication)

SPIKE fitting and adjustment instructions

Toe Box & Base

quick reference: screws on the ski brake activator plate SPIKE binding (JPG)

2013- tweaking screws on the ski brake activator plate SPIKE binding (Video)

2013- demonstrate latch assembly for SPIKE binding (Video)

Release toggle and latch mechanism instructions (PDF)

Instructions- fitting NTbulldog toe box to your NTN boot

Ski Brakes

2013- Discussion on toe-box vs ski boot activated ski brake for SPIKE binding (Video)

Springs (heel piece)

Discussion and instructions -retention springs- all bulldog bindings (PDF) 2013

Instructions- adjusting retention spring- all *bulldog bindings (short PDF)

Heel Piece

Instructions- step in heel- all *bulldog bindings

2013- heel strike instructions SPIKE (Video)

2013- demonstrate how to bolt on heel assembly (Video)

2013- using Lite SPIKE with quick on/off heel attachment (Video)

General use

SPIKE step-in instructions (PDF)

2013- general instructions-SPIKE 3pin bindings

2013- general instructions-SPIKE XT/NT/Blade

2009- general instructions- Telebulldog bindings

Older models

Installing a steel reinforced Telebulldog ski brake plate

Attaching step in heel to *bulldog toe

Step in toe - 3 pin bulldog bindings

Duckbill 'lock screw' installation improves longevity of pin holes when using 3 pin toe binding

Rebuilding classic Telebulldog binding

Touring clip-RTxbulldog

LiteDogz mounting instructions 2007

Classic Telebulldog mounting instructions 2006

Specific parts

Heat shrink end caps for ski brake

Bulldog heel strike- installation (with friction powder)

How to remove the SPIKE toe box-instructions

(click here to go the video instructions alone)


We try to keep this instruction page as helpful and up to date as possible, if you still need help with

something or some of the instructions are unclear please contact us and let us know! Chances are others

have the same question so we really appreciate feedback. Cheers