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Telemark Bulldog


Achieving a new level of performance...


A break-through in telemark ski binding technology! The TELEBULLDOG incorporates a ski brake that deploys when stepping in and out of the ski binding and a grip on the ski boot that imparts positive feel and quick control of the ski like no other telemark ski binding.  Louis Dandurand, the telebulldog's inventor, found that bindings currently being marketed tend to put too much emphasis on spring loaded heel parts. This tends to increase to complexity of the boot/binding interface,  creates unnecessary energy loss, rocker launch,  and can change the turning characteristics of the skis and boots by transfering excessive force to the shovel of the ski.

After experimenting with a variety of telemark binding, Dandurand, who is an emergency physician and former ski patroller, came up with an alternative.  "I had this idea in my head for a year or two", says Dandurand, "so I built a cardboard model one afternoon and took it to a local machine shop." To Dandurand's delight they agreed to work on this project. With the use of a programmable CNC machine, meticulous drawings and design,, first prototypes were produced in March 2002.  (TELEBULLDOG '02 above)

 The binding has since gone through several revisions (TELEBULLDOG '03 late last season) and currently being marketed as the TELEBULLDOG '04 (bottom).  This binding has a total of seven main parts, is light and durable, has step-in design with a ski break and a built-in 1 inch riser, and a grip that holds the toe of the ski boot in like a 'bulldog'. The binding is also designed with a smooth top surface that prevents snow from sticking between the sole of the boot.  It's a beautiful, rugged, hand built unit that skis incredibly well.

"I feel this binding is truly a breakthough", says Dandurand,  "It skis like no other binding and what a joy to be able to step right in hands free!"

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For more information e-mail: louis.dandurand@burntmtn.com

See and demo the TELEBULLDOG at FirstTrax ski shop in Montgomery Center, Vermont.

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